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Five reasons to visit and five things to see in Lithuania

Not very big and not very famous, but green and optimistic – that is how I would describe my home country Lithuania. People do travel to Lithuania and are often even surprised that such interesting and beautiful place is undeservedly ignored by the travelers. Due to this fact I would like to present five reasons to travel to Lithuania and five things to see when you come here. This 5+5 list is subjective, based on my personal opinion and experiences, likes and dislikes, th... (read more)

2018-03-25 | Articles

I rarely find something really interesting on the internet but I have recently found something. It is A friendly, colorful book club. I was always a reading man... (read more)

2018-10-12 | Books

Short lithuanian movie 'Laikinai'

'Laikinai' is a short drama film by Jūratė Samulionytė about the consequences of inevitable emigration. This film, presented in 2011, is based on quite common tragedy among lithuanian families and shows this problem from realistic perspective. For a reader, who thinks that I will start to convince everyone not to leave their home countries, I can only quote what the main character Saulė said: 'You dont understand'. Everything is more complicated... 14-year-old Saulė and her 5-year-old sister Liucija are responsible for keeping the order in their family flat. They go to school and nursery each day and... they are waiting. Waiting for their parents to come back, becaus... (read more)

2018-04-26 | Lithuanian movies

The Oldest Name of Great Britain

Two thousand years ago, in the year fifty five before our era… Heavy clouds are low over a stormy sea. Eighty ships are sailing on the gray waters. They are galleys, Roman galleys, struggling forward to the unknown land. Julius Caesar is on the first galley, he is surrounded by his centurions. All are looking intently at the distant shore. "By Jupiter!" says Julius Caesar, "is that a cloud in front or a mountain covered with snow?" "Where? Over there?" "Oh," says one of the centurions, "those are cliffs, I can see them well!" "Yes, they are cliffs - and they are white." "The land behind them must be white, too." "It... (read more)

2018-11-09 | Quotes and more

Friendship of two couples

New relationship may be compared with freshly sprung sprout trying to get over the soil with its weak roots. The fact that you call each other “friend“ is only a good pair of shoes before a long and difficult journey. Each war strategist would ensure you that first successful manoeuvre does not guarantee a victory. It is improper to compare friendship with war, as they are opposite to each other, but it is obvious that the same laws work here. When you start new relationship there is always second and more significant step – strengthening of this new connection. When there is a two couples’ relationship the situation is even more complex: despite the fact that you meet each other as ... (read more)

2018-04-03 | Psychology

Two naked women

This sculpture of two naked women enjoying sun bathes is standing in Ąžuolynas park, in Kaunas. It’s a pity I don’t know who is the author…... (read more)

2018-05-18 | Photography

'The Womb' – I Want You After Death

While some might find movie 'The Clone' (also known as 'The Womb') directed by Benedek Fliegauf as too slow and too minimalistic, others will definitely enjoy it as a complicated story.The Plot. Rebecca and Tommy are good friends (or even something more than friends) since their childhood. Due to certain circumstances they have to split. After many years of being apart Rebecca comes back to her hometown to find Tommy. She finds him and warm feelings are re... (read more)

2018-05-17 | Movies

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